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A complimentary Gentle X-fol Cloth is included with every purchase of BioCleanse. This 100% muslin cotton cloth boasts a superior quality weave to boost your daily facial cleansing routine, leaving skin smoother and better prepared for the application of daily serums and creams.

BioCleanse is a luxurious cape rose geranium cleansing lotion for fragile, dry or sensitive skin types. Designed to gently remove surface pollution, cell debris and makeup without stripping the natural acid mantle of the skin.


• A pH balanced milky cleanser
• Ideal for sensitive and dry skin
• Leaves skin clean, soft and nourished


Apply one pump to dry skin. Add a small amount of water to your hands and massage over face, before rinsing thoroughly.

Use with a damp Gentle X-fol Cloth to ensure proper makeup removal and a deeper clean.


1. BioCleanse AM/ PM
2. Prepare and balance AM/ PM
3. Active serums AM/ PM
4. Eye care AM/ PM
5. Moisturise AM/ PM
6. Solar protection AM


A gentle blend of SLS free surfactants (Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate): A proprietary blend of gentle surfactants to remove make up and surface grime. This blend is designed to thoroughly cleanse without drying the skin, adversely affecting the delicate acid mantle, or stripping the naturally protective barrier oils. This surfactant system is a great alternative to harsher cleansing agents such as those containing sulphates.

Lipid Layer Enhancer Complex (Coco-Glucoside and Glyceryl Oleate): These bioidentical lipids also naturally occur in human skin to create an intensive moisturising and skin-softening sensation, ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera concentrate: A powerful anti-inflammatory that promotes healing and moisturises skin.

Lycopene antioxidant: To combat solar and pollution-based free radical damage.

Sodium PCA: A humectant and powerful skin hydrator which attracts and binds water to the upper layers of the skin.